The Mutual Learning Program is unique! Our philosophy is based on:

  • A bottom-up approach: instead of telling people how to change, we invite organisations and professionals to share their know-how, experiences and challenges to inspire change.
  • Day-to-day practices: experiences of our participants, enriching materials and discussions will be central to the program.
  • Human relationships: we are nothing without the relationships with children, families, communities and other stakeholders.

In other words, we are interested to hear from YOU. In our international community, care-practitioners get connected with each other. Get inspired by like-minded people and those who think differently. Rich and fruitful conversations guaranteed.


Twice a year we open the doors to our 6-month program. Provided in English and Spanish, our  methodology contains of two main elements:

  1. The online MLP platform for learning and sharing of materials, including discussion forums.
  2. Regular Zoom sessions for discussion and reflection.


Every group consists of +- 15 organisations with 2-3 representatives each. Because we make the commitment to work together for six months, we invest in getting to know each other. The program consists of four modules with a zoom session every two weeks (12 in total). 

1. Collaborative and dialogical practices (1.5 month)

1. Philosophy and premises
The position of not knowing

2. How to generate dialogue

3. Dialogues that generate possiblities
Reflective teams

2. How to work with families and communities (1.5 month)

1. Impact of institutionalization
Family engagement

2. Case management
Needs assessment, intervention planning, reporting and follow up, networks around the family

3. Reintegration processes
How to work with families in specific situations like crisis, loss and abuse

3. The "HOW" of transformation (1.5 month)

1. Gatekeeping Practices
Preventitive Care, alternative FCBC

2. Transitioning process from institutional care to FCBC – Experiences of local organisations

3. Networking and Advocacy
Sessions with other actors of the child protection system

4. Mutual take care of the caregiver session


We ask you to review materials in advance of the sessions, including: 

  •       Existing publications
  •       Existing video materials
  •       Tailor-made presentations 
  •       Tailor-made video materials

In addition, we invite you to actively participate and share your reflections in the forum before each session by responding to questions related to the content of each module. There is also the possibility of sharing other materials which participants regard as useful.

In the Zoom sessions, you will be invited to join the dialogue with other participants by giving your unique insight on the revised materials and videos. Most importantly, your valuable experiences might inspire others and the other way around, while everyone is collectively trying to solve case studies. Each session takes max. 2 hours.


After completion of the programme and a good attendance rate, you receive a certificate.


“The sessions with Rocio were so enriching. I thought I knew better but I did not. I learned new things about dialogue. It’s not about me, it’s about the client. It’s not about the client getting professional assistance from me. But it’s about us doing things together to solve the challenges. Our client – professional relationship changed.”

“For me the MLP is about sharing various practices and learning from each other. Like a peer group. It’s been good to work with different countries and different perspectives. I find that very useful.”

“Every time I learn something new”

“I learned sometimes we don’t work on the best interest of the child, but on our own interest. We do it our way. The family is now more important than anything. That is inspiring.”

“I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to reflect with other people from other parts of the world.” 


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The “information meetings” have finished and the September 2023-program is fully booked. We welcome you to join our next program which starts September 2024!

If you want to join the next sessions, please send us an email at or go to our contact page and fill in the form.

  • Opening Session: August 31
  • Collaborative and Dialogical Practices: September 7, September 21 and October 5
  • How to work with families: November 2, November 16 and November 30
  • The “How” of Transformation: January 11, January 25 and February 8
  • Take care of the caregivers, including wrap up session: October 19, December 14 and February 23

Beware: this program is fully booked already! If you want to participate in this program, starting September 2024, please send us an email at or go to our contact page and fill in the form.

More information on this program will follow later. If you want to participate in this program, starting September 2024, please send us an email at or go to our contact page and fill in the form.


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